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IceCool Releases

IceCool Event Server Converts database changes to event notifications.

  • Simple configuration for the necessary SQLs and email addresses
  • Supports configuring multiple events sources and sinks flexibly.
  • Sources and sinks can be dynamically wired.
  • Use of JDBC to connect to databases - transparent to the underlying database.

IceCool Simple Aspects A simple Aspect Oriented Programming framework based on interceptors.

  • No AOP learning curve - simple to use.
  • Method interception through interceptors.
  • Supports java regular expressions for matching aspect pointcuts.
  • Supports both interface and class proxying - aspects can be easily applied to existing classes.
  • Interceptor chain for applying multiple aspects

IceCool XML Router routes XML messages based on rules defined through a simple configuration file.

  • Simple rules definition
  • Easy configuration through XML.
  • XPath expressions for target matching.
  • Web Server bundled for easy setup.

IceCool DbDir is a JNDI Directory Service Provider that implements a hierarchical namespace over a relational database. Features:

  • Easier management with regular database tools including backup, migration etc
  • Can benefit from storage optimizations that are well understood in the context of relational databases.
  • Searches can be optimized using indexing, query optimization, etc.
  • Use of JDBC allows the flexibility to move the data to a different database.