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IceCool SimpleAspects

IceCool SimpleAspects is a simple Aspect Oriented Programming framework. Aspects consist of pointcuts and advices. Advices are weaved using a method-based interception mechanism during runtime. Following are some of the features of Simple Aspects:

  • No AOP learning curve - simple to use.

  • Method interception through interceptors.

  • Simple alternative to Stateless Session EJBs.

  • Supports java regular expressions for matching aspect pointcuts.

  • Supports both interface and class proxying. While interfaces are more flexible, existing classes can use class based proxying.

  • Multiple aspects can be applied using a chain of interceptors.

  • Implements AOPAlliance standard interfaces.

Instead of implementing business logic using stateless session beans running in a heavyweight EJB container, the container services such as transaction, security become lightweight aspects. The business logic is encapsulated in plain java objects to which these aspects are applied.

Download a copy of the current release of IceCool SimpleAspects!