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IceCool DbDir v0.1 Release

IceCool DbDir is a JNDI Directory Service Provider that implements a hierarchical namespace over a relational database. The advantages of using a conventional RDBMS over a proprietary storage mechanism (as used in current LDAP implementations) are the following:

  • Easier management of data using regular database tools including backup, migration etc
  • DbDir can benefit from storage optimizations that are well understood in the context of relational databases.
  • Searches can be optimized using relational mechanisms such as indexing, query optimization, etc.
  • Use of JDBC to connect to databases allows the flexibility to move the data to a different database.

In general, separation of the data model from the application enables dynamism in the storage of data as well as the flexibility to add new features easily.

Since JNDI is the standard DbDir client interface, it should work with JNDI based directory tools. Please refer to the sample client programs in the samples directory to quickly get started on using DbDir.

Download a copy of the current release of IceCool DbDir!