Package com.icecool.jndi.dbdir

Interface Summary
DAO Specifies the contract to be implemented by DAO implementations for different databases.
DataSource A marker interface that represents a "type" for storing JDBC connection state and properties.

Class Summary
AxionDAO DAO implementation for Axion DB.
AxionDAOFactory A concrete DAOFactory implementation for JDBC based connection to an Axion database.
Constants List of "constants" used in dbdir.
DAOFactory A DAOFactory object is used to obtain DAO objects.
DataSourceFactory A DataSourceFactory object is used to obtain DataSource objects.
DbDirFolder Represents a context in a hierarchical namespace.
DbDirInitCtxFactory Factory class for initial root context for dbdir SP implementation.
DbDirTransferObject The "transfer" object used to pass data between the database layer and the JNDI SP layer.
GenericDAO Implements the DAO interface methods with SQL statements that are "generic" to any database.
GenericDAOFactory A concrete DAOFactory implementation for JDBC based RDBMS connections.
GenericDataSource A lightweight wrapper over a JDBC connection.
GenericDataSourceFactory A concrete DataSourceFactory implementation for JDBC based RDBMS connections.
Log Wrapper class over JDK 1.4 logger.
StringObjectFactory An ObjectFactory implementation that converts database objects stored as "strings" to JNDI objects.
StringStateFactory A StateFactory implementation that converts JNDI objects to database "strings".
StrPrefixFunction An Axion user-defined function of the form strprefix(str, filter).